Northern Ireland Gaming

September 2008

Podcast30 Sep 2008 02:55 pm

Duration: 38min 17sec

File Size: 35MB

Presented by: Tristan, Dermot, Matt and special guest Ciaran

A special this week!


  • Multiplayer Team Fortress 2
  • Metal Gear Online
  • The do’s and don’ts on online gaming
  • The people that really annoy us (Ciaran)
  • The amounts of unhealthy hours people spend gaming


  • JT – Talks about Sweet Savage
  • Ciaran (our guest)


  • All topic mentioned above

(any sound problems, sorry)

Podcast23 Sep 2008 02:51 pm

Duration: 29min 28sec

File Size: 20.4MB

Presented by: Tristan, Paddy and Dermot


  • Retro – Why is it so popular?
  • How modern games have lost something
  • Even with the new consoles
  • What is the point of remaking old games?
    • It’s a waste of money – games that moved from one console to another failed , Spyro and Crash Bandicoot
  • Bargin bucket games – titles such as Farcry, PREY, Thief Deadly Shadows combined for a Tenner.
  • Will modern games ever be retro with their current graphics?


  • JT metal minutes (5 mins)


  • Abe’s Odyseey
  • Podcast16 Sep 2008 02:38 pm

    Duration: 28min 30sec

    File size: 19.5MB

    Presented by: Tristan, Paddy and Matt


    • Graphics – what they mean in the industry
    • Franchises – how they go on and on
    • How the Wii is not casual gaming
    • Demos:
      • FFXIII demo is 2 and ½ hours long
      • Heavenly Sword demo wasn’t good for its size


    • Dead Space
    • Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty


    • Sandvich
    • Heavy Update
    • New Maps
  • JT – NO details this week but hopefully next week