Northern Ireland Gaming
Podcast14 Oct 2008 10:47 am

Duration: 31mins 37sec

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Presented by: Tristan, Paddy and m00ts


  • Virtual worlds, is it a reality?
  • VR glasses are never going to happen… (~ m00ts, 2008)
  • Giant Hamster balls, the future VR protection?
  • 360 Screens? No…
  • Contributors – Thanks
  • We are amateur
  • Bill Gates was 64000% off when he made the statement “Computers are only ever going to need 64 kilobytes of RAM”
  • Everyone will have their own electronic personal device in 30 years (~ Tristan 2008)
  • Left 4 Dead – should be out by the end of this year?

Last week’s metal minute sorry about that, won’t happen again
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Replay in Bangor – ‘The Club’ on Saturdays

Warning! : High Bant to Fact ratio! *

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