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October 2008

game reviews07 Oct 2008 07:31 pm
Patrick Wilson

It’s weird reviewing a game that I played a decade ago. All I can remember back then was being scared of Sligs, and laughing at how you could make the main character fart. To be honest, 10 years on, much has changed.

I’m not afraid of Sligs anymore.

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Podcast07 Oct 2008 10:41 am

Duration: 31mins 50sec

File size: 22MB

Presented by: Tristan and Dermot


  • Dermot’s throwaway line “I’m gay”
  • Games which are good are on multiformat. (Apart from MGS4)
  • We have a guest Necromorph from the up and coming game DeadSpace
  • The PSN needs DLC: – Updates for games



  • Buying a PS3 gets you a girlfriend according to Dermot
  • The Wii is underachieving in its online;
    • Channels are inventive
    • Casual Gaming
    • No microphones
    • Very little FPS

Send us the best/worst screenshots of Farcry Wii
Dermot’s friend got injured from getting hit from a WiiDeadspace on Wii – creepy
Manhunt 2 banned on the Wii

Email us the best/worst screenshots of Spiderman 3 Wii

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