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game reviews07 Oct 2008 09:01 pm

By Dermot

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why is some raving, idiotic, critic comparing a game and a band?!’ And, well, the answer is; I, am a raving, idiotic, critic and I can do whatever the hell I want. You’ll see how this will all come together in a moment.

Alright, so Too Human, Xbox exclusive, so far ratings haven’t exactly…well…let’s just say they aspires to adequacy…point made? Excellent.

Fetching isn’t he? Now, a few podcasts ago I made a comment about something…recognise this, and you are one of the few who seem to be able to. Xbox players, deny this all you want, but it’s just true!

Trivium logo if you please:

Thank you. Now for those of you who see where I’m going with this, excellent. You get a cookie. For those of you who can’t, look closely at the ‘T’ in between the ‘Too’ and the ‘Human’ in the first image. See it? Good, half a cookie. Now look at the ‘T’ in the Trivium logo…if you STILL can’t see what I’m babbling on about I’ll be taking that cookie…Aside the fact that they are EXACTLY THE SAME!

Whether this is accidental, intentional or just plain blindness on Silicon Knight’s part I don’t know. But come on, SURELY it’s not that difficult to see that the same logo exists in both images? Trivium would take a right bender…

Alright, enough logo bitching. On to my insane comparison:

Trivium, now they’re a good Metalcore band, I like them, hell I’m going to see them in December. But let’s all agree right here, right now that their last album ‘The Crusade’ wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of their career. In fact, it was just bad; aside one or two songs, but overall a very generous 1/10. For those of you who like Metal and know of the band may have heard the new album ‘Shogun’ now to be fair, this album is the pinnacle. They took a roundabout and owned the Metalcore industry in one excellent comeback. So, where they’ve gone from high (Ascendancy etc.) to a low (The Crusade) back to another high (Shogun) shows that something branded blasphemous and crucified can be resurrected, and can be done well. Eh…no bible reference…honest.
Too Human, quite the hype, even me as a PS3 owner was looking forward to seeing how it would turn out. Boy…what a let down. Now not to say the game was downright awful, but it wasn’t exactly meeting its hype boundaries. Look at Haze for PS3, Abysmal. Not necessarily an awful game, just, not meeting the hype it got. Same story.

Alright, alright, alright. Yes, I’m bitching. Ok, well I’ll give it an overall review then, visuals; I have to say did look quite good. Storyline…well there poses a problem for me. I just didn’t like it. The little critic in my head was yelling about the gameplay and fun, but I had to say that the storyline was more than crazed in my eyes. Then again, it’s an opinion, play the game and draw your own. Gameplay, admittedly good fun, if not a little too sameish at times, but that’s easy enough to get over I guess. Till something started to seem familiar…then I realised something. And to quote another critic who came to this realisation too,

‘If “World of Warcraft” had a baby with “Star Wars” and the doctor pumped it full of steroids the final result would be Silicon Knight’s Too Human.’

Not quite the way I’d phrase it but he’s got the idea. This game IS the lovechild of the above! Some of you would say not a bad thing, combat was somewhat thought out. Not perfect but…alright I guess is the best way of putting it.

Having said all that, I’d still rather play the other two games at the same time at once, than this game because it all comes down to one thing in the end. The hype. To draw back my comparison of insanity, Too Human had a very large hype, and in my opinion failed to meet the level to which it was designated to hit. Trivium’s album ‘Shogun’ however did meet the hype. So I shall boil this down to a very firm and simple conclusion.

Hype isn’t made by the companies or owners. It is made by the fans. Anything runs the risk of falling short of it. But Shogun proves that hype can be reached, so it’s not impossible. Too Human just didn’t quite step up to the mark the Xbox fanboys had labelled it with. Therefore, in this critics eye, it just isn’t the game we were expecting and it just didn’t get my little gaming taste buds moist. I’ll be generous and say play the game, draw a conclusion then trade it in for Deadspace in a week.

This critics review: 4/10. Thank you, and goodnight.

One Response to “Trivium vs. Too Human A fitting comparison?”

  1. on 14 Nov 2008 at 7:41 pm Mark

    Companies do create hype, Dermot. MediaMolecule called LittleBigPlanet “the next big thing” during development and have been in a non-stop press orgy since then. It is companies who release heaps of information about certain games (MGS4) in order to draw attention to them. Taking it further afield, did fans make the viral videos for Cloverfield?