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Podcast07 Dec 2008 07:52 pm

We covered:

Trivium – Dermot and Paddy

Prince of Persia

Dawn of War 2

Infinite Undiscovered

COD 6 – modern Warfare 2

A new MGS on 360?

The Forums thanks!!!!!!!

On the count of 3   >


Due to technical difficulties (sadly not Racer X style) JT can only offer a written metal minute..

Happy Festive season to one and all… you may remember last week I invited podcast listeners to search for Twisted Sister’s 12 Days of Christmas…slightly amended lyrics below…but your other festive challenge is to find Twisted Sister’s version of Oh Come All Ye Faithful on youtube….and then find which other metal bands have recorded Christmas tracks…you never know what prize is on offer.
On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,
12 Silver crosses
11 black mascaras
10 pairs of platforms
9 tattered t-shirts
8 pentagrams
7 leather jackets
6 cans of hairspray
5 skull earrings
4 Maiden CDs
3 studded belts
2 pairs of spandex pants
and a tattoo of Ozzy!
Now with all that in mind don’t forget Saturday 13th December all ages show at Belfast’s Black Box.
ESCAPE FAILS headline with Hand of Death, Ozzmium, Circadian, This Years Confession, Dead til Friday & Niyah Sky
ADM: £5
Close: 5pm

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