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This is not a review!! I swear…

Anyways; having only recently summoned from hell (HMV), Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder, I must say I am impressed. If you liked Thornography, go back a few albums and pick out the keyboards out of Dusk and Her Embrace, now add a bit of Midan slaughter, and keep Nymphetamine’s drumming and bringing back the importance of a bass. Now the cherry of proper solos and volia, a feast fit for Satan (offending Christians since Genesis).Not forgetting album art that seems to have come from Salivador Dali’s worst nightmare.

As a concept album, it stands to reason, to explain with music; the themes. Based on a 15th Century Serial rapist/murderer, Christain by day and Satanic Killer by night; the album captures the opulence of Gilles de Rais, with orchestral pieces like Tiffauges sending shivers down unknowing spines.

The Death of Love is strange, it seems along the lines of Her Ghost in the Fog, with a female vocalist carrying the chorus, an interesting twist and a clear nod to the Midian album (a personal favourite), also carrying on a catchy solo. This song is about De Rais’ connection to Joan of Arc, whom he saw burned at the stake. This, they say, turned him into a monster.

On hearing and reading the lyrics of “Midnight Shadows Crawl to Darken Cousel with Life “, I was deeply disturbed by its implication of torturing and raping children…

90% of readers have left, 5% have run to their mothers and the other 5% are telling me to stop listening to a bunch of posers…thing is, I love these posers.

It doesn’t matter how sick and twisted this is, or how violent it is, the charm of Cradle of Filth lies in its wonderful gothic atmosphere and heavy metal influences and of course, Dani’s hellish screams. Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder (Double Disc Special), comes in a pseudo-leather case, detailing on the inside the life De Rais and the booklet stuck inside. Two sleeves hide the two discs, which are ordained with, I’m guessing De Rais’ emblem.

The 2 CD offers “10 unreleased songs”, I have no sympathy for “The Love of Death [Remix]”, it sounds unfinished and almost a muck-around than a proper remix. However “A thousand Hands on the Maid of Ruin” is a chilling, gothic instrumental, much akin to “The Rise of the Pentagram” on Thornography. Another redeeming song is “Balsamic and Anathema”, proper Cradle shizznit. And” Crypt of Rays” is an obvious contender for Thornography, with its metal staged riffs, if not having a Cradle label and Dani’s screams, could be a heavy Metallica song.

On another note, that interested me were the two live songs; Cradle being Cradle don’t sound good live. People will disagree with me. In my own opinion, they aren’t good live. But I decided to give them another chance. I shouldn’t really have bothered.

A wonderful intro on Dirge Inferno of Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive like Miss Leviathan. It all went downhill after that. It seems, even with more than a decade of releasing albums that he can’t time whether a high or low growl is needed in a live song. Of course this comes down to reasoning behind live albums, whether they should replicate studio versions or not. This does not excuse bad timing and evidently poor mixing post-gig. The guitars have this strange way of finding their way into the loudest sound in a song.

Dusk and Her Embrace impressed me for other reasons; again, vocal screams were misplaced, although the first one was well done. Again the guitars take centre-sound. But this ‘bad’ mixing allowed me to listen to the drums. Something I had never considered in Cradle before; they just seemed never to stand out. Here, however, the vocals are so drowned out and distant and the keyboard fighting to be heard among the egoistical guitars, that the only thing I have no problem is the drums. At times, what I originally thought was simple drumming turned out to be quite technical.

This did not rescue the 2nd CD at all though. However, I implore you to buy the special edition. Before I had heard the music, I loved the layout of the special edition (and it’s only a few bob more), the casing just looks cool, and fits in well with your entire Cradle Special Edition collection.

Why should I buy this album? If you are a Cradle fan, you will like. If not, go and listen to Thornography, probably the lightest but catchiest of Cradle’s work; a good starting point, where I actually began (first hating then loving). Only after that should you then move on to sink your fangs into this chunky piece of gothic, black metal.

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