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January 2009

Uncategorized26 Jan 2009 04:19 pm

By Paddy:

Right, since I just learned that the podcasts are now bi-monthly, and seeing how I am currently ‘medically impaired’, it’s time for a write-up!

The topic of discussion? Battlefront 3.

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Podcast25 Jan 2009 08:10 pm

We are back!!!

Presenters: Tristan, Dermot, Matthew

Topics:    How the consoles did this christmas

What we got gamewise

LOTR Conquest





We are back?

Notes: Changed the normal setup of show, please comment on it.  Jt has been busy but will continue Metal Minutes in future. And the shows will be fortnightly!!!!

game reviews19 Jan 2009 05:50 pm

By Sparky

I’d like to set something straight before I begin. This is a game designed for one purpose and one purpose only. It exists solely for puzzles. There is no other reason for it. The plot is merely a way for the game to force puzzles upon you. By the end, you’re searching for puzzles in order to unlock more puzzles.

If you don’t like puzzles, you won’t like this game. In fact, if you don’t like puzzles, don’t play this game. You’ll regret it.

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Uncategorized12 Jan 2009 06:29 pm

So Tristan asked if I wanted to contribute, I said sure. My posts will probably be bi-weekly… give or take, due to life, so if its not that often don’t get mad >_>

Forgive the innuendo, but something I noticed the other day sparked a thought of mine.  I think a lot of people, (at least here in the USA) take the size of their TV’s for granted.  I was able to play Left 4 Dead for the first time the other day; I liked the game but we were playing on a fairly small (by todays standards) TV.  I found it hard to take the game seriously.

Most TV’s here in America for middle class families (well I should say in California, I’m not completely sure about everywhere else) are pretty big (50-80inches would be my guess).  Playing a game on a bigger and newer TV you just feel more of the game, I guess you could say.  Another game I played on two very different TV’s was Gears of War 2, which needless to say the plasma screen seemed much more alive than the old tube TV.  So I guess my point is, if you have a big or nice TV be thankful for it, and you should be the ones having friends over to play you consoles.

-Vacross (International Ambassador)-