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By Paddy:

Right, since I just learned that the podcasts are now bi-monthly, and seeing how I am currently ‘medically impaired’, it’s time for a write-up!

The topic of discussion? Battlefront 3.

Now, I am a great advocate of the Battlefront series, loving both Battlefront 1, which I first discovered while at a friend’s house (I ruled with the sharpshooter), and Battlefront 2, which I bought for myself (I still ruled with the sharpshooter, even though everything moved 3 times faster than before).

I may have…overplayed it a bit (Veteran achieved on every medal?), but I still pop it in occasionally for that good ol’ Mos Eisley Assault, which is, to put it bluntly, damned fun. There aren’t many things more satisfying than gunning down Darth Vader as Han Solo, whilst Obi Wan and Anakin duel it out in the street next to you.

Anyway, Battlefront 3 was supposed to be being developed by Free Radical, but, as I’m sure you all know, they have ‘passed on’, as it were. What’s even more annoying is that they leaked a video showing their pre-alpha build, which I, being a gracious soul, shall link you to:

Watch it, and weep!

Now, isn’t that just a little annoying? Apart from the running animations (no worse than Fallout 3’s, though, heh), it’s brilliant. The seamless transition between space and land combat? The scenery? The LASER RIFLES???

Admittedly, that last point is something that isn’t exactly unique, but whatever.

All we can agree on, though, is that if Lucas Arts decide to develop this game now, they most likely will scrap FR’s design and start afresh, and considering their recent track record, I’m not exactly holding out a lot of hope for Battlefront 3.

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  1. on 07 Feb 2009 at 5:40 pm spark

    Good news! Free Radical have been bought by Crytek (who made Farcry and Crysis, both of which have Cry in their names), and work is going ahead with both Battlefront III and Timesplitters 4.