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February 2009

Podcast28 Feb 2009 07:52 pm

Apologising for the delay

May be back for easter!

Thanks for listening!

Admin Message24 Feb 2009 06:42 pm

Hey, I know I haven’t done anything for practically a month.

This is really because schoolwork has really caught up with me; including outside things as well.

Sadly the podcast will not be up again until Summer. however the site will remain, including the forums; and you can still subscribe to iTunes, so when we do start again, you will receive it straight away!

As to the contributors, many of them are freelancers, so they made add topics from time to time.

IF you have a good idea for the podcast or want to get involved, get in contact!!!

But until the summer (when we will come back stronger)

Thanks for listening to NIGaming


EDIT:  We are back on a fortnightly basis (although since my computer is F****** this may change plus or minus a few days!)   Stay with us!

comic and game reviews04 Feb 2009 04:54 pm

Or, Why I Hate Hideo Kojima’s Game of the Year.

By Sparky

Personally, I just think that shows the extent of the irrational hype which surrounded this game for so long before its release. Even when gameplay footage showed the world that the whole game revolved around a ridiculously shoddy physics engine, everyone still seemed to be convinced that it was guaranteed to be brilliant.

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