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update06 Apr 2009 06:03 pm

By Tristan

I guess I had better put something here, lest your RSS readers think NIGaming is dead. The guys are all back from Milan and I’m sitting at home revising. What a wonderful time to update.

As we mentioned in our last podcast, the DSi has arrived on our shores. I have managed to get a wee hands-on and must say I am surprised at the size of it, it manages to be smaller than a DS lite (impressive huh?) and have bigger screens.

The cameras are nothing to boast about but messing around with them was fun (probably would get boring after a few days.

My nagging feeling about the DSi was confirmed; I guess I could have known, Nintendo using the ‘i’ prefix that seems so iPopular these days. This is £150 for a DS with an SD slot and music player. No doubt Nintendo has a list of ‘fun’ things on its Appstore, sorry WiiWare shop, the terms are so similar these days.

Another iNteresting thing about the DSi is the concept of ignoring the most popular music format .mp3 in favor of .AAC of the Apple variety. These are merely ramblings of a internet-er stuck in on a rainy day but I think Apple and Nintendo may have something going on. Apple are currently trying to market the iPod Touch as a gaming console and what better help could they get than a master of handhelds , Nintendo. Otherwise the Fraunhofer Institut are being stingy with their patents. Whatever the cause I hope Ninty manage to dig themselves from this pitfall.

Enough of me, I’d better get back to revision no sleep for the wicked eh?

3 Responses to “Easter Update”

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  2. on 06 Apr 2009 at 7:35 pm Paddy

    Yes, we’re back, and quite free these next two weeks, so we should hopefully get round to work.

    Good post, TB, and the whole .AAC thing is just ridiculous. I mean, honestly, whose idea was it to choose a stupidly unpopular format when the simple .mp3 is just as compatible?


  3. on 08 Apr 2009 at 5:26 pm FlamingMetroidzd

    I thought .ogg was the in thing these days…