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game reviews and News20 May 2009 03:20 pm

Excuse the pun and the even worse intentions. I should really be revising for my maths exam but I can’t be bothered really, I have lost my practise papers and would love to spend the whole day gaming to wash my worries away.  Instead I chose to be productive.

Are games getting easier? Where they ever difficult? The same questions plague examinations each year…. in video gaming, for me, it was a different matter entirely. I used to play for the factor of completing the game irrelevant of  how I did so, so it was easy all the way. Of course, easy can provide you with a cut down version of the game with corners cut on the enemy intelligence, abundancy of items and time required for puzzles. As I grew old and a bit more keen to push myself  I started going for normal or advanced difficulties (hard was still out of my league, I was trying to wean myself off easy), skyrocketing my playtime  and forcing me to spend months on one game.

Only when I had knocked advanced down to size did I even attempt hard. Deadspace on hard is not scary, its frustrating and wetting-your-pants-because-you-have-no-ammo-and-little-health terrifying, the scare is taken away because it just seems as if the game is jeering at you.  And I loath being jeered at, espicially by a game.  Then along came Farcry, and the standards changed.

Yes I understand that Farcry came out before Deadspace, but you are so lucky it doesn’t measure up in difficulty.

Farcry has its own difficulty scale. Beginner, Medium Advanced Veteran and Realistic. Trust me, Medium is like impossible.  Instead of being able to run around like some superhero, Farcry really makes sure that everyone on the map is a sharpshooter, there are about 33 of them and they are all hell bent on killing you.

even 4 is difficult

And don’t get me started on the ‘things’ in the forest….No game should be THIS hard. Who plays this on Realistic?

The developers? However realistic that difficulty is, I couldn’t realistically enjoy the game. On the other hand, there is a good deal of bragging rights to be won here; for example “hey I just completed Farcry on Realistic in 10 minutes” to which we reply “dude, cheating doesn’t count 🙁 Phail”.  This game assumes you are ready to win and doesn’t give other people a chance, it is a mean dick of a game.

It begs the question, maybe there should be a limit to how difficult a game is, or maybe I’m just being a whiney baby because I find it difficult

… SHUT UP!! It IS difficult! that is the reason this game is good though. It doesn’t take you by the hand through a safe and easy tutorial, you learn or die. I think some games often miss that aspect these days, trying to be ‘family friendly’. Give us some more diaboloically hard games for core gamers to chew on.  And maybe some other enticements like actual replayability.

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