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So, after last year’s all round catastrophe, where Nintendo frustrated and annoyed their loyal fanbase, have they learnt their lesson? First impressions were not good. After a montage (first of many), Cammie Dunaway strode majestically onto the stage, dressed in a highly unflattering white suit. Last year’s hate figure was back.

Thankfully, she quickly got onto the subject most of us wanted to hear about (actually, I wanted to hear more about her kids…); Mario. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, presumably a sequel to the DS game, was announced. It will offer four player multiplayer, which Miyamoto apparently wanted in a sequel to Mario 64.  It’ll be out “holiday” 2009, presumably meaning Christmas.

“Mario wasn’t big enough to attract all consumers to our category” coupled with a balance board on the screen gave off some pretty bad signs. Wii Fit Plus, which had been rumoured for quite a while, was officially announced. We’ve got that to look forward to this Autumn…

After another montage, Reggie came onstage. Just what everyone wanted (don’t even try and deny it).  He bangs on a bit before getting to the point. Wii Motion Plus. Old news is old. There’s a video about Motion Plus. It’s a little pointless. “On video you can do almost everything” he said, in what could be a jab at Natal, which hasn’t properly proven itself yet. Bill Trinnen comes along to show us how it all works.

There’s a bit of sky diving, which seems to be little more than a demo for WMP, followed by a bit of archery, which is more meaty. Poor Bill isn’t much good, although it’s all very smooth and precise. He invites Reggie back on stage and they play a bit of basketball. A bit of awkward banter in front of a silent, presumably unamused, audience. Reggie tells us that WMP will be out on the 26th of July, then tells us about some sports games we already knew about.

We get a little bit of chat about Red Steel 2, and we’re told that third party development is flowing to Nintendo, which is basically a lie. Then he moves onto the RPG genre. A slightly hamfisted attempt to please the “core” audience. Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days were rolled out.  Old news all round.

Next was Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, the next in game in the Mario & Luigi series. Very nice, but old news again. Silly Reggie’s going to have to work harder. Which he does, duly showing off Golden Sun DS, a long overdue sequel to the GBA original.

And Cammie came back to us. She decided to curry favour by talking about… James Patterson. The sad thing is that I know who he is and have read two of his books. Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion. You won’t like it unless you’re a middle-aged woman (or me…). Casual tat, basically. With Mah Jong, it seems.

Next up was Cop: The Recruit. Ubisoft’s been watching The Fast and the Furious, and so have ripped it off for a rather pretty looking DS game, but with added shooting. “Let’s shift gears” says Cammie in a moment of liver cirrhosis inducing punnery, before introducing us to Girls’ Mode. A fashion game. Thanks for that.

Another montage, this time about the DSi. Lovely. She talks about the DSi complementing the cheaper DSLite.  Basically, she’s saying they’re so rich they can wipe their caviar bloated asses with hundred dollar bills. She then announces Moving Memo, now called Flipnote Studio, will be about this summer in the US. Bit late.

Next up is Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again. This DSi Shop sequel to March of the Minis will be out in America on Monday. Very snappy. It’s mostly a level editor, so a bit Little Big Planet-y, but hopefully in a way that actually works. Then comes WarioWare: DIY. Similar idea, but WarioWare. Wonder if Nintendo will be making any games at all.

Next big news is photo transfer via Facebook for the DSi. Facebook seems to be quite the big thing at E3 this year. Spirit Tracks trailer is next. Old news… another montage. Then Satoru Iwata rushes out onto the stage amid a squeal of guitar noise. Fifty this December, that man, but doesn’t look it. Gives us some waffle about active, maybe and never gamers. Makes very little sense. In short, he just wants more cash.

He starts going on about games needing skills, Wii Wheels, Wii Fit and Brain Training. Eventually we get to the point. A little thing that clips onto your finger and measurse your pulse. It looks like a tampon. That’s all he had to say. He wants to force people to relax with it. Nice guy. Bye bye, Iwata. Don’t come back until you’ve made us some games.

Hello Cammie. Back to talking about games. She threatened the audience with more Mario news. She then whips out Super Mario Galaxy 2, the first time for three generations there has been more than one full Mario game on a home console. Looks like it’s been built on Galaxy‘s engine, but with Yoshi. Thankfully, the audience reacted to that. Poor woman…

Reggie comes back to tell us that he reads the blogs. Presumably, he has someone who reads them for him, but that’s not important. He talks about some third party titles out before the end of this year. The Conduit, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and Deadspace Extraction. More old news. Reggie then adopts his winding up tone. Oh dear.

Wait, what’s this? A new, edgier game. An old Nintendo franchise revitalised? Metroid: Other M, made by Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive). It looks to be first and third person, very very different from any Metroid game before. It will explore the Metroid universe and Samus’ background. Sounds fascinating. And that’s the end. Bye bye Reggie.

Not as bad as last year, to be honest. They didn’t cut out the casual stuff, but didn’t focus on it completely. No real killer blows, though, and quite a bit of old news. Microsoft are still in the lead.

By the way, I haven’t time to see what Sony’s been up to today, so I’ll write that up tomorrow afternoon.


2 Responses to “E3 2009: Nintendo”

  1. on 03 Jun 2009 at 3:09 am Vacross

    metroid other M looks epic, i cant wait D:

  2. on 03 Jun 2009 at 10:46 pm Tristan

    Metroid looks… interesting. I really would like to see proper in game playing before I make an assumption.

    Currently it looks like the developers like The Force Unleashed a bit too much.
    And then there is Wii Paraphernalia thats more contagious than swine flu, what next Wii hairdresser?