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game reviews07 Oct 2008 08:48 pm

By Dermot

‘Don’t worry, your genetic code is being re-written, just hold on and you’ll be just fine’ Said Atlas ever so calmly. My response: ‘Yea, ONLY MY F******* GENETIC CODE!’

I am a harsh critic. I rate games very vigilantly and it takes a lot to convince me on something. But Bioshock, it takes the biscuit. Not only did it utterly thrill me, it physically got me jumping up and down as I stepped out of the Bathysphere for the first time. (Thought I was going something bad didn’t you? Kekekekeke) I…love…this…game…

It takes a lot for me to say that about any game. I know quite the few people who would say that I’m losing it and it’s not actually all that good. They can talk to Big Daddy thank you. This game was an achievement across all its platforms. Suffice to say I spend more time looking out windows than playing the game because the city of rapture is stunning. The visuals were carved from the flesh of the Gods.

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game reviews07 Oct 2008 08:41 pm

By Sparky

So far, there’s been a decent number of RPGs on the DS, such as Contact, Final Fantasy III and Phantom Hourglass, but, even though they’re all decent enough games, none have done anything all that new. Then, Square-Enix released this picture to an unsuspecting world.

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game reviews07 Oct 2008 08:30 pm

Super Smash Bros Brawl – by Sparky

Just at the beginning of last summer, I saw an offer in Game for Super Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime and Wind Waker for £20. A pretty good deal for three of the best Gamecube games at about £6.50 each. I played each of them obsessively, and played Corruption and Phantom Hourglass, their sequels. I was obviously looking forward to Brawl, but so were most Wii owners. But, it was delayed over and over until I forgot, and I didn’t get it until almost two months after it came out.

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game reviews07 Oct 2008 07:31 pm
Patrick Wilson

It’s weird reviewing a game that I played a decade ago. All I can remember back then was being scared of Sligs, and laughing at how you could make the main character fart. To be honest, 10 years on, much has changed.

I’m not afraid of Sligs anymore.

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