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music and Uncategorized02 Jun 2009 08:42 pm

So, after last year’s all round catastrophe, where Nintendo frustrated and annoyed their loyal fanbase, have they learnt their lesson? First impressions were not good. After a montage (first of many), Cammie Dunaway strode majestically onto the stage, dressed in a highly unflattering white suit. Last year’s hate figure was back.

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music and Uncategorized02 Jun 2009 01:49 pm

Microsoft kicked off E3 yesterday evening with their press conference. Nintendo’s conference is at 5 this evening (BST), followed by Sony at 7.

Microsoft’s press conference opened with The Beatles: Rock Band, complete with the two surviving Beatles and the dead ones’ wives. This was followed by another celebrity endorsement when Tony Hawks mounted the stage to show off his new plastic skateboard (complete with accelerometers!). Then he disappeared off stage, presumably to make awkward small talk with the remains of the Beatles.
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music14 Dec 2008 09:00 pm
music25 Nov 2008 10:00 pm

Written by Paddy:

I thought that with JT’s metal minute, it was about time we branched into music a bit, so, here goes!

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m an avid Avenged fan. Not on the verge of ‘Oh My God I’ll never listen to anything else again!’, unlike those on YouTube with profile names like *A7XzackyA7X*:

*Sigh*, moving on…

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