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News and update22 Jun 2009 01:34 am

By Paddy

Alright, our exams are over, and we have 70 days of blissful summer to enjoy. And you know what that means…Updates! Regular, glorious updates for our starved fans that have clutched onto this sporadically renewed website.

Said updating shall begin soon enough, whenever Tristan finishes his editing on the new episode, but until then, I shall give you my thoughts on Sony’s E3 conference.

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game reviews and News01 Jun 2009 12:04 pm

Hey everyone, from now on I’ll be writing stuff under the stage name  name Fury Vegas! Hopefully you’ll agree somewhat with what I say!(You can guess who this is hehe)

Now recently I completed Bioshock (yeah I know, take my time why don’t I?). Now it’s a great game, I mean, how games can you fire lightning bolts out of your hands? (InFamous, D&D games)

…..OK well how many games force you to choose between the life and death of a little girl? (The Sims?)

…..Nah doesn’t count. The Sims is a over-glorified fishbowl, Bioshock is a gritty life or death, impulse shooting fishbowl experience. Since Dermot has already written a review about it, I’m not going into details. However I will talk about SPOILERS!!! So only read on if you do not want to read the good or any ending!!!

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game reviews and News20 May 2009 03:20 pm

Excuse the pun and the even worse intentions. I should really be revising for my maths exam but I can’t be bothered really, I have lost my practise papers and would love to spend the whole day gaming to wash my worries away.  Instead I chose to be productive.

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News08 May 2009 04:42 pm

In case you haven’t heard, remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver were announced earlier today, under the names HeartGold and SoulSilver.

As you probably know, there have been rumours of remakes floating around for ages, and speculation reached a new peak when the Pokémon Sunday TV show said a major announcement would be made this weekend. Nintendo seems to have jumped the gun to surprise us.

Gold/Silver was arguably the biggest step forward for the series, with the introduction of fruit trees, breeding, an in-game clock, weekly events and the ability to return to the setting of the original game after you’d finished with Johto, giving the game huge longevity. Plus, it was the first full-colour game, and introduced a whole two new types, helping to balance the vastly overpowered psychic type from the original.

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