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Although, probably, no one visits this site very much or at all anymore, I’m glad that those who did listened in on our shows. I have re-rented the domain name for another two years to keep this website up as an example of the work we have done.

I personally don’t think NIgaming will ever get back on its feet, as many of us don’t live in Northern Ireland any more. However there are plans in motion about podcasting again with Tristan, Paddy and Dermot and some new faces.

Stay tuned,


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Hello everyone. With the Domain Name expiring in a few weeks, it came to our attention whether we should continue this project. We know that we haven’t updated in such a long time that our listeners have made for greener pastures, but we also feel that this is a part of a very good history together. Thank you to all who did listen to our shows and I hope you listen to whatever shows we make in the future.

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Two words that do not go well together!!

This site is dusty, very dusty, in an internet way – to the point that I may have to clean everything out!!! I have disabled all comments because my inbox is now filling up with spam and almost all users here are spam users.
On the next time around I will be putting in verification systems for users in an attempt to make things more smooth and not over the top. And possibly more writers on the site. If you need to get in contact, email me.

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… Stay tuned

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Just some updates, with regards to my recent surgery, everything went well. (praise the lord) but im still going through recovery. your leg loses alot of mass when you dont walk on it for six weeks.

Congratulations to those of you who were seniors in high school! Class of ’09 baby!

Some of you might have picked up on it, a great game i play (much less now than before) is Air Rivals.  its a  pretty sweet pvpmmorpg ( i know a mouthful) i made a video of it you can see it here:

and im sure all of you are just as excited for the new seasons podcasts!

-Vacross, out

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So, after last year’s all round catastrophe, where Nintendo frustrated and annoyed their loyal fanbase, have they learnt their lesson? First impressions were not good. After a montage (first of many), Cammie Dunaway strode majestically onto the stage, dressed in a highly unflattering white suit. Last year’s hate figure was back.

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Microsoft kicked off E3 yesterday evening with their press conference. Nintendo’s conference is at 5 this evening (BST), followed by Sony at 7.

Microsoft’s press conference opened with The Beatles: Rock Band, complete with the two surviving Beatles and the dead ones’ wives. This was followed by another celebrity endorsement when Tony Hawks mounted the stage to show off his new plastic skateboard (complete with accelerometers!). Then he disappeared off stage, presumably to make awkward small talk with the remains of the Beatles.
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Yes, yes,  I know that we’ve been having many, many hiatuses (?) as of late, but the odds of a podcast coming out in the next…month? Is unlikely.

Oh, believe us when we say that we’d love to record more, but, as the old saying goes, “Politics AS > NIGaming. You idiot”.
Also, Tristan/Daniel, There’s way too much spam being left on both the forums and in comments on the main site.

Get it fixed!

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Awesome were back! I’ve missed my weekly gaming news. and some humor, glad you’re back guys :]

Hehehe… ive been lazy, i blame Sienoritus. Its making me Apathetic i swear. Sorry Tristan ^^’

And just a heads up, i’m actually going to have knee surgery very soon to get an Anurysmal Bone Cyts (ABC) removed… its basicly a benign tumor in my knee. keep me in your thoughts and prayers :]



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By Sparky


Honestly, I’m impressed at how quickly they stole that idea. And I won’t bother pointing out that he talks about the increasing maturity and diversity of the games industry before ripping off last Christmas’s big hit. All in all, this guy has class.

Incidentally, EA has nicked that idea for it’s upcoming sequel to last year’s Boom Blox too. You can see the creativity just bleeding out of the industry.

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