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By Paddy:

Right, since I just learned that the podcasts are now bi-monthly, and seeing how I am currently ‘medically impaired’, it’s time for a write-up!

The topic of discussion? Battlefront 3.

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So Tristan asked if I wanted to contribute, I said sure. My posts will probably be bi-weekly… give or take, due to life, so if its not that often don’t get mad >_>

Forgive the innuendo, but something I noticed the other day sparked a thought of mine.  I think a lot of people, (at least here in the USA) take the size of their TV’s for granted.  I was able to play Left 4 Dead for the first time the other day; I liked the game but we were playing on a fairly small (by todays standards) TV.  I found it hard to take the game seriously.

Most TV’s here in America for middle class families (well I should say in California, I’m not completely sure about everywhere else) are pretty big (50-80inches would be my guess).  Playing a game on a bigger and newer TV you just feel more of the game, I guess you could say.  Another game I played on two very different TV’s was Gears of War 2, which needless to say the plasma screen seemed much more alive than the old tube TV.  So I guess my point is, if you have a big or nice TV be thankful for it, and you should be the ones having friends over to play you consoles.

-Vacross (International Ambassador)-

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Merry Christmas from Northern Ireland Gaming!!

We all hope Santa/Saint Nicolas/Chris Cringle/extra denominational figure who brings you presents, brings you what you want!

Let’s hope a lot of those things are games…*hint* and goodwill and of course, peace on earth.

We hope to keep churning out “thoughts on” games and music, but as for an episode, we can’t promise anything for a few weeks!! Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

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This is not a review!! I swear…

Anyways; having only recently summoned from hell (HMV), Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder, I must say I am impressed. If you liked Thornography, go back a few albums and pick out the keyboards out of Dusk and Her Embrace, now add a bit of Midan slaughter, and keep Nymphetamine’s drumming and bringing back the importance of a bass. Now the cherry of proper solos and volia, a feast fit for Satan (offending Christians since Genesis).Not forgetting album art that seems to have come from Salivador Dali’s worst nightmare.

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Alrighty, given the content of the latest podcast including both DRM AND Zombies, I decided that I should let everyone here into a hidden gem of a series. De-Rez, hosted by ‘Yahtzee’s b***h’ It’s a bunch of Irish lads whose dark humour appeals to me greatly. This particular video involves a parody of “The Lost Tape: Andy’s Terrifying Last Days Revealed”, an add-on on the 2004 re-make of Dawn of the Dead.

These guys are hilarious, it comes with my seal of approval!

De-Rez – Click here, fools!


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Description : Catastrophic Failure

LOL at microsoft, reassuring their customers of beta software!!!

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