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Admin Message24 Feb 2009 06:42 pm

Hey, I know I haven’t done anything for practically a month.

This is really because schoolwork has really caught up with me; including outside things as well.

Sadly the podcast will not be up again until Summer. however the site will remain, including the forums; and you can still subscribe to iTunes, so when we do start again, you will receive it straight away!

As to the contributors, many of them are freelancers, so they made add topics from time to time.

IF you have a good idea for the podcast or want to get involved, get in contact!!!

But until the summer (when we will come back stronger)

Thanks for listening to NIGaming


EDIT:  We are back on a fortnightly basis (although since my computer is F****** this may change plus or minus a few days!)   Stay with us!

comic and game reviews04 Feb 2009 04:54 pm

Or, Why I Hate Hideo Kojima’s Game of the Year.

By Sparky

Personally, I just think that shows the extent of the irrational hype which surrounded this game for so long before its release. Even when gameplay footage showed the world that the whole game revolved around a ridiculously shoddy physics engine, everyone still seemed to be convinced that it was guaranteed to be brilliant.

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Uncategorized26 Jan 2009 04:19 pm

By Paddy:

Right, since I just learned that the podcasts are now bi-monthly, and seeing how I am currently ‘medically impaired’, it’s time for a write-up!

The topic of discussion? Battlefront 3.

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Podcast25 Jan 2009 08:10 pm

We are back!!!

Presenters: Tristan, Dermot, Matthew

Topics:    How the consoles did this christmas

What we got gamewise

LOTR Conquest





We are back?

Notes: Changed the normal setup of show, please comment on it.  Jt has been busy but will continue Metal Minutes in future. And the shows will be fortnightly!!!!

game reviews19 Jan 2009 05:50 pm

By Sparky

I’d like to set something straight before I begin. This is a game designed for one purpose and one purpose only. It exists solely for puzzles. There is no other reason for it. The plot is merely a way for the game to force puzzles upon you. By the end, you’re searching for puzzles in order to unlock more puzzles.

If you don’t like puzzles, you won’t like this game. In fact, if you don’t like puzzles, don’t play this game. You’ll regret it.

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Uncategorized12 Jan 2009 06:29 pm

So Tristan asked if I wanted to contribute, I said sure. My posts will probably be bi-weekly… give or take, due to life, so if its not that often don’t get mad >_>

Forgive the innuendo, but something I noticed the other day sparked a thought of mine.  I think a lot of people, (at least here in the USA) take the size of their TV’s for granted.  I was able to play Left 4 Dead for the first time the other day; I liked the game but we were playing on a fairly small (by todays standards) TV.  I found it hard to take the game seriously.

Most TV’s here in America for middle class families (well I should say in California, I’m not completely sure about everywhere else) are pretty big (50-80inches would be my guess).  Playing a game on a bigger and newer TV you just feel more of the game, I guess you could say.  Another game I played on two very different TV’s was Gears of War 2, which needless to say the plasma screen seemed much more alive than the old tube TV.  So I guess my point is, if you have a big or nice TV be thankful for it, and you should be the ones having friends over to play you consoles.

-Vacross (International Ambassador)-

Uncategorized25 Dec 2008 12:01 am

Merry Christmas from Northern Ireland Gaming!!

We all hope Santa/Saint Nicolas/Chris Cringle/extra denominational figure who brings you presents, brings you what you want!

Let’s hope a lot of those things are games…*hint* and goodwill and of course, peace on earth.

We hope to keep churning out “thoughts on” games and music, but as for an episode, we can’t promise anything for a few weeks!! Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Uncategorized23 Dec 2008 10:34 pm

This is not a review!! I swear…

Anyways; having only recently summoned from hell (HMV), Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder, I must say I am impressed. If you liked Thornography, go back a few albums and pick out the keyboards out of Dusk and Her Embrace, now add a bit of Midan slaughter, and keep Nymphetamine’s drumming and bringing back the importance of a bass. Now the cherry of proper solos and volia, a feast fit for Satan (offending Christians since Genesis).Not forgetting album art that seems to have come from Salivador Dali’s worst nightmare.

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Podcast21 Dec 2008 07:01 pm

Topics: Nobou,

Final Fantasy,

Wild arms Music.

FOV have got signed

Podcast hiatus for a few weeks!!

Presenters: Tristan Matthew

Podcast15 Dec 2008 11:11 pm

We covered:

The different bands playing at the black box

Niyah Sky


Forced out vision


Dead til Friday

Escape Fails

Songs: Forced Out Vision – June 13th

  • Forced Out Vision – Passionate Decapitation
  • Circadian – The Echo Imperative
  • Circadian – Maid of the Mist

Video Game related: Home beta has teething problems; best bundles around at xmas!

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