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music25 Nov 2008 10:00 pm

Written by Paddy:

I thought that with JT’s metal minute, it was about time we branched into music a bit, so, here goes!

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m an avid Avenged fan. Not on the verge of ‘Oh My God I’ll never listen to anything else again!’, unlike those on YouTube with profile names like *A7XzackyA7X*:

*Sigh*, moving on…

Their latest work is “Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough”, a compilation of a DVD of one of their live shows, and a CD of the ‘B-sides’ that didn’t make it on their latest album, Avenged Sevenfold.

Let’s start with the DVD. It’s set in Long Beach, California, reportedly Avenged’s “Favourite place in the whole ****ing world to play”. They go through a playlist of 12 songs, with most of them being from Avenged Sevenfold, which, seeing how I introduced myself to Waking the Fallen and Sounding the Seventh Trumpet a week or so ago, and continuing my love for City of Evil, it peeved me a bit. I can’t help but think that they sold out to Warner Bros. with their latest album. I can prove that I’m right with two words:

Dear God.

Moving on, there are some old favourites there, with Bat Country, Beast and the Harlot and Unholy Confessions making an appearance. The stage is chock-full of effects and you can see how confident the guys are on stage. The banter’s good also, with Shadows getting a drunken crowd member to sing their cover of Pantera’s ‘Walk’, and Johnny Christ singing the opening of Seize the Day.

Overall, the quality of their live play is astounding, they’ve really tightened up when performing. The sound seems a little too…clean though. I’d like to hear a bit more distortion and crowd noise in a live album, but that’s just me.

Okay, here’s the important bit. Diamonds in the Rough, the CD with all of the B-sides that didn’t make the album. Frankly, I don’t know why, most of them are better than what’s on there. Chuck out Lost, Dear God, Unbound and Brompton Cocktail, and replace them with Demons, Dancing Dead, Crossroads and Flash of the Blade (A cover of Iron Maiden’s original). Also, the alternative version of Afterlife that’s on there is far superior, with a much heavier feel and better timed string sections.

There are other notable songs on Diamonds, with “Girl I Know” being a personal favourite of mine. Although, it doesn’t really fit with the album, so I’d keep it out. Their cover of Pantera’s “Walk” is good, although far too similar to the original for it to be included. The rest are alright, with Tension showing Johnny Christ’s skills as a bassist, he’s generally over-looked.

In conclusion, a great compilation, buy it solely for Diamonds in the Rough, although Live in the LBC is hardly a bad DVD either.

Download Worthy:

· Dancing Dead

· Demons

· Flash of the Blade

· Afterlife (Alternate version)

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